Saturday, March 06, 2010

Freaky Dream

I had a really freaky dream the other day. It was just so scary at that time! Basically it started with me in a place with a commander, and there was a coffin in front of the door. The commander was saying how the Animorphs (people who can change into animals and things) are trying to invade this building and how we have to stop them. So it was night time and I had to go to search the whole house for them.

While the commander was talking though, he went to the coffin and opened it and talked. It was his grandma's body in it. When I asked why she's still here, he said "It was her wish to never be seperated from this house." Creepy right?

Anyway, I went to the staircase and started searching the rooms. As I searched, I realised that this house is just like my house! Only neater, emptier, and it has four levels. Walked all the way up and I started from the top. Didn't turn on the light (don't know why). But as I got to the second floor, (where my parents' room is) I felt a presence in the room... Suddenly! Bats started flying towards me. Surprisingly, I managed to catch nearly all of them mid-flight and tear them up Ozzy Osbourne style (ie with my bare hands) before they got out of the room.

Then walking Oreos started attacking me!! I had to crumble them up real quick too. But there were just so many! They were clinging to my arms and climbing up to my shoulders and I can't just sweep them away cos I have to kill them. I could feel the scratches from the Oreos and bats cos you know, they're tough. Somehow, they managed to get past me, then I ran down and my grandparents were there. I was yelling at them to GET OUT OF THE WAY!! DON'T TOUCH THE KOOKEYS!!

And I woke up.

I was scared of Oreos for a while after that. But my work provided the solution for me today. See, my boss bought Oreo cupcakes.
After eating it, I feel much less afraid of Oreos now.

Damn did that cupcake taste good. Revenge is indeed sweet. *wink*

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