Saturday, February 27, 2010


Well now. There're so many things and I'm so confused so I shall thrash it all out here.

Number 1: As you all know, I am now working for Drinkdings as a business developer. Basically what I do is, I go to shopping malls and I search for shops which might be interested in selling our Drinkdings products. So, after they're interested of course I will handle the stocks going in every week or so. Also, I will have to call clients and travel round alot. Pay is $5 an hour, and my transport will be paid for, with 1% commission from the stores. Altogether it'll probably be $400-500 a month. the pay is..not so great, I want to be able to earn a better monthly income. But as things are just starting to pick up for me, I will feel a little guilty leaving the company. I do hope they still let me do part-time bar tending. ><

Number 2: Not so many of you will know, that I have applied for a job in Goody Books (where Low Kay Hua works). My duties will be very pressurized, and there will be lots to learn as well as lots to do. I will also get bonuses if I manage to meet my targets regularly. For the first month, I will be getting $850 basic pay. Plus bonuses and all, they claim that I will be able to get $1000 and above a month. Now. That is amazing and it means I will be able to get my guinea pig and Nikon D5000 soon. But I am really afraid of the stress and what it will do to me. I will ne extensive training because of my lack of experience in this field. I'm totally green! Also, if I don't do well in the first month I might just be fired. That will leave me financially crippled. D: Anyway, there is no point worrying now cos I have got an interview for the job on Monday. Did someone say nervous? You bet I am. mom said not to count on the company paying me $1000 with the bonuses but yaknow, it still pays more than my current job.

Number 3: Also something not many of you would know. (I think only about 5 people know) I have started on a diet with some huge company. They claim to help you to lose weight and there are real life examples who I have actually met and spoken to. So, I am on the Herbalife diet. And I have just become a distributor. Like, I have signed up for the 25% discount and I realised that I can also sell my products to people and earn 25% off them. Now that is a very good deal and would come in handy when I stop work and go to uni. However, the thing is, I will be able to get my products at 50% off if I invest more money. So..should I? I have looked at the brochures and magazines that come with being a distributor and have come to a conclusion that I should not sell anything till I become a success story myself. It will also be worthy to note that I can sell through the internet which doesn't require me to work full time. Also, those who do full-time eventually get enough customers do earn up to $40 000 a month. I don't really aim for that much cos it's not what I want to do in life but a few hundred could come in handy.

So there you go, all of my life's problems kinda put on the table. It's all about work and I am just quite confused. For the Herbalife, I should just not get the 50% off first till I am a success story myself and have enough money in the bank. Yes, I will do that.

But if there is anything you want to add in, let me know alright?

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