Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hello! I went to the Chun Dao He Pan (Spring at the Riverside?) and had malt candy which was amazing :D
Too bad I dropped it before I finished it :(

Over the past few days, I've learnt that:
-trying to wear fitting denim can be abit of a b1tch when my thighs are damp from the shower, sweat, or a mixture of both.
-trying to wear clothes in general can be abit of a b1tch when I'm damp from the shower, sweat or a mixture of both.

Also, my appetite has really dropped drastically. I'm very sure that this time last year I will have eaten at least four times at much as I ate this year. I'm sure it's a good thing. Maybe now I will be able to lose weight. ^_^

I have discovered a new smiley. It's a huggy smiley. (>^_^)> See? It's reaching out for a hug.

(>^_^)> <(^_^<)

They're gonna hug. :D

(>T_T)> That smiley wants a hug. Awwww ..

That's all for today. Byee and have a great Year of the Tiger! RWAR!

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