Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

On New Year eve, I have (in chronological order):

-Tidied up my bookshelf
-Tidied my table
-Tidied my sister's dresser
-Tidied our shelves
-Tidied my sister's table
-Completely wiped down my room
-Re-arranged the glow-in-the-dark stars and whatnot all over my room
-Took that dusty old crane and fish from the ceiling (it's been there for about 6 years)
-Read X-men on Marvel comics
-Watched my mom cook our reunion dinner and helping her
-Cleaned the dining table (under the glass and all) with my mom
-Wrapped the dining table up with my mom
-Displayed mandarin oranges with my mom
-Changed me and my sister's bedsheets
-Flipped the mattress over on both beds
-Changed my mom's bedsheets for her

That's it so far, I have to go downstairs when my mom has finished her shower so that we can decorate the cookies. I also have to do my nails too!

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