Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gaga Over Gaga

I am not one to conform to pop culture. Especially not to Lady Gaga who I thought was a one-hit wonder.

After I watched her on Youtube though, damn, she's good. I really admire her for being her own weird self. While I might not enjoy the weird ballet slippers she had in Bad Romance, or the ridiculous costumes she had in Telephone, it is refreshing to see someone dare to be different. It's like releasing her inner self.

Right, I'm not telling anyone to start dressing up like Gaga what with her n**ple tape as clothes (that was ridiculous) and cigarette hat thing in Telephone. But tis good to see someone being themselves for a change. Saw her interview on the Jonathan Ross show and she's mad as a hatter but damn she's a great performer.

Just watch her live performance. I'm sure it's floating on Youtube somewhere cos I saw it. Her emotions poured into the performance were surreal. (it was 'Speechless' she performed. I nearly cried.)

Bad Romance has been stuck in my head all day. Most of the parts were spectacular but those few seconds at the end freaked me out D:


Time for Children Of Bodom. Their videos are disturbing too but what the heck! They have brilliant hair and they help me dissipate my anger.

Did research today and heavy metal is not bad for your brain. It also does not influence their listeners to take drugs, nor does it induce violent behaviour. In fact, it helps to dissipate anger and negative feelings in the listeners. This is especially true if the listeners have a lower self esteem. Also, listeners have quite a high intelligence level. (Disclaimer: this will only be effective if you actually like heavy metal.)

Look at me go on! Better go off now. ^^

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