Thursday, August 20, 2009

Eh Well

Results are out today and frankly, I'm not too worried. Then again, I'm never worried till the few seconds up to the actual things. It only happens with the important stuff like results, and performances. Funny that.

Well as you all know, Ryan's dumped me. Ah well, he's sending mixed signals and the like and I would love to talk it out with him sometime. Soon.

Also, I'm planning a trip to Northern Ireland lest I do not get into uni this year. What's the point in sitting around on my ever-expanding bum if I'm not going places right? So, ideally the trip will be taking place in late Febraury till late March. Where it'll be in between of Winter and Spring. Though knowing Northern Ireland, it will be drizzling the whole time. But it doesn't matter, I'll be esacping from the busy life style and humidity.

Talking about the humidity, it makes me really bad tempered. Like really, really bad tempered. Just, when you're all sticky and warm you don't really want to sit down and be patient right? Right??

OK it's just me. Freak that I am, I will now be hanging around Facebook doing nothing in particular, waiting for my cousin to text me the results when he gets it on my behalf. Yipeee!

(this must be what it's like to be booored)

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