Friday, April 11, 2008

long time no see, u've grown so pretty! long already never blog.. ¬_¬

anyways last saturday i went to ryan's house to celebrate his b-day. it was really good fun ^_^ but i didnt bring my camera. -_- oh well. but guess what he brought back for me from england!

wait and see...



tadaaaa! *applause* this is ambear :P and she's not just any ol' bear. she's custom made (by ryan!) and he chose the kinda of bear, the softness, the clothes, the colour, etc. :D

and she's only wearing pants and a cap cos the clothes are expensive. lol. going to buy some new clothes for her sometime though :P
that is what she looks like whenever the cap falls off (which is often) but she's special all the same. she's so soft! :P

that's all for today i guess. i know i know it's disgustingly short but oh well..

stay happy everyone!!