Saturday, December 06, 2008

Neurotic Mess

This is just so weird, but I think the toll of juggling work, schoolwork, and housework is taking it toll on me. My results were so disappointing.

So far:
Maths: 85% OK, but expected something higher.
Statistics: 50% Expected to fail that paper because of one formula I failed to memorize but still, totally gutted.
Health and Social Care: 54% Oh well, what can I expect if I'm not taking this subject as seriously as I should?

Still waiting for my English results. Apparently it's nothing impressive either. I have also been sacrificing little things for the sake of trying to get things done around the house and working. Things such as vacuuming my room, tidying my room, going on the internet, sitting in front of the TV, waking up late. These little things just get to you you know?

Took photos of the frost last week, but because I lost my USB cable, the pictures wouldn't be up for quite a while. Sorry.

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