Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Hi all! 1st of all, Merry Christmas. And then, Happy New Year. And!

Happy Chinese New Year. ^_^

Sorry for not blogging and updating on my little life intricacies for such a long time. Anyway, Christmas was great. I am sooo going to celebrate Christmas with decorations and full on presents whenever I get back to Singapore and perhaps start getting some money through work and study. *cough*

Work has reeeaally started piling on. For example, I have got overdue coursework for English and Health and Social Care. Plus a few notes and questions in Maths that I want to do. But I'm working today 5-10pm, tomorrow 5-10pm and Thursday 5-10pm. So that kinda renders me with no time at all for myself or my homework.

Also doesn't help that computer at home is not working when my Health and Social Care requires the computer. Ah well. Such is life.

Gotta make this quick though. I am needed to report to work in half and hour. Ah YES! Remembered what I was going to say.


IT SNOWED YESTERDAY! Yes. And it was cold. Freezing. Mind numbing finger breaking cold. It's also quite depressing how I forget what it's like to not have cold toes and fingers and nose. And guess what! I wore a beanie. Well Ryan and Greg said "You look fine." Whenever I kicked up and big fuss about me looking dumb. So I wore it when walking up here to the library.

Only to be greeted by Samantha with "That hat is hilarious."

Thanks Samantha. You look great too. *thumbs up*

Weather forecast is for more snow and sleet with a few schools being shut down and County Down (that's here) being hit the hardest.

Whooppeeeeee. Gotta try to 'enjoy' it now though. Probably will never get to do it again. Tis also kinda depressing knowing that I may not come here to live again after July. But sure, at least while this is temporary, I had lots of fun. ^_^

So to sum it up, I'm back, three different festivals have gone past and I'm cold.

Boy am I entertaining.

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