Saturday, April 04, 2009

Oops I Did It Again..

Oops. I did it again didn't I? I have left this blog to die for what? The fifth? Sixth time? Awwk well. What matters is, I'm back and I'm back with a vengeance. :P

Anyway, today the photos of frost in November will be on exhibition as promised. Since we are doing this in chronological order, I might as well throw in the paperwhites that I planted in Februrary (they are long dead now). Then, a couple of shots of my corsage from my formal. I had such a great time! Got all dressed up in a proper long dress and high heels and everything. It was perfect. *sigh* And also, photos from the recent health promotion campaign I had to do for Health and Social Care coursework. It was so much fun and I really enjoyed myself. :)

First up, photos from the frost on that cold, cold day. Obviously it's so much warmer now. Lots of occasionally sunshine. Yippee!

Then, the photos of the paperwhites. There are so many 'cos I took one of each cluster of little flowers. I loved them though they smelled a little sickening after a while. But still, aren't they just so pretty!
Corsage pictures! Ryan had to get me a corsage before the formal. It was so much more than I imagined! Mind you the rose looks a little dead but that's only because I took those photos the next day. To see my formal photo go there. I don't know how long it's going to be there so go quick! Yes yes, I have put on weight. Trying to get it off and hope I succeed. Fingers crossed!

Here are the pictures from the health promotion campaign for Health and Social Care. Well, we had to take photos anyway so here they are! :D

Aaaaand! a little bonus for you. It's only a few seconds long but so funny. Did that whenever I was booored.

Anyway, hoped you enjoyed this lengthy post and hope I got everything up to date. Byee!

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