Monday, April 13, 2009

Something Good?

This may be a little late. And it may even be total gibberish to others. But in the past few days I have come to realised just how blurred the lines of right and wrong have come to be from the time I was a child. Things were sooo much easier whenever I was five. Everything was absolute, in either white or black. But as we get older, experience more things, and learn more, bits of grey start to creep in. Until the world of morality is no longer either black or white, but varying shades of grey.

I mean, in cartoons and whatnot, the good person is ALWAYS good looking. The baddies are ALWAYS ugly. And the goodness ALWAYS prevail, most of the time with the baddies' demise. Then come the tricky bit whenever you get older. What if. What if...the baddie has his own reasons for doing so? What if, it is a truly justifiable reason? If you were the good guy, would you have shown forgiveness and compassion in the face of the bad guy? Or you would quite happily lope their heads off.

Like I said, it is tricky and yes, I do realise the more I type, the more neurotic I seem. But oh well. That's just the way life is. And really, all us mere mortals can do is muddle through the best we can trying to keep the moral values we learnt in childhood close to heart. So that in the end, when we die, we can die with the satisfaction that everything has been done the best to your limits. Yet, it's not always that easy.

Like the Earth for example. Obviously what with pollution and whatnot the earth doesn't look like this ------>

Why would she? Right at this very minute I am emitting carbon dioxide simply by using the computer. Even if I decide to save electricity and therefore save the Earth, light heating and running water are essential. Especially heating. In a climate like Northern Ireland, you can quite easily die out there in the cold if there isn't proper shelter and heat. So what now? This is a huge grey patch. See what I mean?

Oh well. What will be will be.

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