Friday, November 27, 2009


That experiment of not washing my hair is over by the way >.<

I got a new job at Takashimaya..promoting gifts at B1 Talking Hall. Anyway, it's like two shelves (two very small shelves). And when I saw it I was like "....that's it?" And the boss was like "Yea. We only got this space on Monday." So that explains the urgency in needing people to work.

Anyway it's pretty fun, like I get to walk around and it's one of those places which I absolutely love, cos it's full of cute things like Christmas gifts and stuff. Saw this tiny snowglobe tree decoration. It's so cute and simply exquisite. Really, the detail is amazing. Also lots of really cute towels. I must start my Christmas list and get down to mentally giving presents. Teehee.

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