Sunday, November 15, 2009


Well as you can see, I went to have subway today. For the first time in possibly nearly half a year. Good thing I didn't cry. Had meatball marinara with cheese and all the salads in it. (I asked for all the salads except onions and jalapeno peppers. He gave me tomato, cucumber, lettuce and onions -.-)

Also had iced lemon tea and cookies. Just like old times. Teehee. The feeling isn't the same though, the Subway here is clearly inferior to the ones in Northern Ireland. The top-ups for drinks are a dollar each.

Then I bought a few other things. The one thing I'm most proud of is that mickey mouse shirt ^_^ I really like it, but my mom and sisters are not impressed with the cleavage I show when I sit down. *sigh*

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