Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Okay so this has been really late and I know I neglect my blog. (that's an understatement) But anyhow, things are looking up for me and I'm really glad there's someone I can rely on to talk to now. Even though he does lurk in the cyber space and is on the other side of this great globe we call Earth.

Bought hair straighteners the other day, for S$160 even though my head says no. But the sales person was all "You need this for your hair! It'll be the best thing you can do for your hair! All the hair cream you put in your hair? It's cooking your hair everytime you go out into the sun." And so, me and my friend broke under the pressure.

All I wanted to do was grab her brochure and read it. I realised now that I didn't even get to see the brochure :( Went onto the internets and realised the reviews there weren't too great. Oh dear.

Tried the hair straighteners and for now, they're great :) I'm gonna take great care of them.

I rock this hairstyle. I should do this everyday ><

Also, I got what I wanted for Christmas. See, back in NI I've been having a flowering seasonal plant nearly all the time and I really miss seeing flowers bloom in my room. So I requested for my sister to get me a miniature plant. An orchid, preferrably. (I practically chanted "Miniature orchid! Christmas! Taka!" into her ear. I'm super subtle. Just ask my friends.)

Aren't they beautiful? I love them.

See how wonderful it is? I tidied up my table and dresser recently and I love it! It makes me feel to much happier to be able to sit at my table. :) Well not that I do that much anyway but it's nice to be able to. Teehee.

Oh! Did my nails with nail art for the first time. I must say, it's pretty good. It's also helpful if I'm patient enough to sit still and not poke at my nails every 30 seconds once I put the nail polish on.

I'm liking this new girly me. Maybe I should make it a habit to straighten my hair and do my nails regularly.

Oh yes! After a period of deep thinking (and my mom's constant complains about me being fat), I've decided to jog at least one round around my neighbourhood (which takes 2-4min) everyday and do a minute's worth of sit ups (currently about 30 sit ups) every night. So yes, hopefully, I shall slim down.

Met my friend the other day and she said that I've put on weight since she last saw me. Funny how everyone sees it but me. The weighing scales say the same thing though, I can't imagine how I can look fatter to everyone but still weigh the same. But anyway, I had my moment of glory when she went to buy bras..and realised the smallest size is too small for her (well I told her that anyway and it's true). Then, I went on to say how I'm a B/C now. And she's like "I'm a B too!! .....Sometimes." Ahahaha! So what if I'm not stick thin! At least I have boobs! ....I'm such a pervert.

So yes, in short, that's what you missed with me so far. And I shall try to blog more frequently. It's just hard cos now I'm doing Project 365 on Facebook, which means I upload a photo everydya and I just blog there. Like talk about my day. So by the time I get round to blogging I'm fresh out of ideas. ><

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