Sunday, May 08, 2011

Hurtling towards adulthood

My babies have grown so much! I've been training Sweetpea and Toffee to stand on command and now, I can proudly say that they have learnt how to stand! They need to have a nice juicy treat in front of them to be able to do the trick but still, I don't expect them to run after my fingers trying to eat/lick it.

Toffee has taken in sitting in her own pee. *sigh* It doesn't really cause her alot of harm, but I don't like seeing her tail fur all matted up. So I trimmed her fur at the back-end and give her bum a weekly bath. Surprisingly, she prefers cool water to warm water. Hmm.
My little baby after her weekly bath

I've been trying to feed them as big a variety of vegetables as I can. They'll have at least two kinds of vegetables everyday! Lucky things. Both my little sister and mom commented that the babies lead better lives than us. Ah well what can I say?
An assortment of hay-containers have been tried, including a hay trough, which didn't work. Because the hay trough is so big, the babies are able to jump in and they poop and pee in it. More work for me = bad.
Recently Toffee has taken to sitting in the litter tray looking really round. See the photo below? It's only half as round as how round she looks when she sits there. She literally looks like a little ball with a face. As for Sweetpea, she loves to stretch out along the side of the cage or in a corner and just doze there. They are soo sweet and I love them.
So far I've been pretty busy with exams and have been spending less time with the babies. I feel guilty but I do try to spend quality time with them in the morning when I feed them, when I get back to give them their supper and at night when I tuck them into bed. (Yea, I just put their bed into the cage. I take it out during day time so they have more space to run about in.)

More updates soon! Can't wait till they're all grown up. Heehee. They've been growing so fast it's unbelievable! I always look at the pictures from when I first got them and it's so hard to imagine how far they've come. So proud of myself.

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