Saturday, May 21, 2011


Hey everyone! I'm finally free of my exams. It's such a wonderful feeling even though I'm still sick and stuff.

I haven't been gymming alot, and I haven't been controlling my diet so diet-wise...not so good. However! I went to gym yesterday and I realised I only put on 0.5kg which is pretty good considering I've been reaching out to potato chips and chocolate pretty much on a daily basis.

Next up, the babies are doing great! Sweetpea is such a sweetheart. Toffee is really the more dominant one, so she doesn't seem as dependent on me as Sweetpea. But that's ok. Here's what they look like now:
Sweetpea sometimes sleeps on my chest and Toffee loves to stand on my shoulder and just look at everything. I heard guinea pigs are short sighted though so I cannot imagine what she could be seeing that's so interesting.

Both of them are kinda toilet trained now. About 75% of the poop goes into the litter tray which is brilliant! And Sweetpea refuses to pee on me. Haha. I was sitting down with her while studying and she was just chilling in the folds of my very large shirt when suddenly she started fussing and running around. In spite of giving her a little treat (a tiny piece of apple) she still wouldn't settle. This went on for a good half hour before I put her back into the cage. After which she promptly backed up a few steps and started peeing. Such a good girl ^^

I'm just done cleaning their cage and because both of them have been sitting in their weewee they need a little butt bath. Sweetpea hated it. She also hates that brush that I use.
Again in other news! I rebonded my hair to make my fringe (and my mane) more manageable. I kinda miss my curls. But who knows maybe I would wait till my real hair grows to an acceptable length and cut it really short. Maybe when I've lost enough weight so I don't look like a butch. I wasn't in the best of moods yesterday but let's not get into that.
I also got a new phone! A Samsung Galaxy Ace. Saheed chose it for me, seeing as I have no idea what to choose. There were so many choices! Here is the phone cover which I customised on my own cos I was bored.
That's all I have for today. For the one remaining reader who made it here, you get a prize!
It's a picture of a 3 week old white teddy guinea pig. Her name is Sheepy and she already has an owner. But the sight of her really makes me smile. Look at how fluffy she is!!!

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