Friday, July 28, 2006


today was like kueh lapis...all in layers. first, the day started reasonably compared to last night. then after that things juz started gtg better and better until it seems like things couldnt get better today. and when things cant get better, what happens, things get worse.

i found out that i haf maths remedial, and then i went down to call lance but when the phone picked up, there is no voice, only the sound of static. then blank. and worse, my 10cents coin got eaten away! then i tried again, same thing. so i called his hse and told his mom to pass a message that i haf to go to class for tuition today and will onli be able to call at 2+. i totally forgot that he wasnt talking to his mom. so after that, unsuspecting me walked up back to the classroom. guess wat i found out? miss nora had just scolded the class. and rather badly too. they were quite shaken and some were quite insulted cos apparently, there were personal attacks. some ppl who i thought were very happy people and will never cry are crying. i was like so shocked. then i felt like crying. cos i haf this curse, i call it. my tears flow very easily. juz like the time my maths teacher threw my yearbook acroos the room because i was reading it, the tears started flowing and i cant do anything abt it. when my dad scolds me and i feel nervous, i'll start crying. he calls them crocodile tears but they are real tears born from pure sadness and fear. let me show you an equation.

too happy=tears
too excited=tears

so u see, almost any feeling can end me up in tears. so back to the subject. they were crying and after everything calmed down, i juz hanged ard, doing my maths and talking. thruout the whole time, i didnt even know that lance was lying awake, worrying abt me. then aft tt, he gave up waiting and msged peiching. said it was urgent. so i RAN all the way down and called him. then i found out that he was pissed off with me. and very sad. so i tried to explain but having lots of unfortunate events with girls, he didnt trust me. so there. we had a big fight which ended with him saying he wanted to break up. so now i'm really not sure wat to do. tell u more tmr or sth. bye


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