Thursday, July 27, 2006

wind, sun and rain.

ever since i was 10, i LOVED walking in the rain. it's like a time when u are truly alone and u feel like everyone is in their own little capsule filling it with thoughts of how they want their world to be like and wat they think about it. everytime i walk in the rain, i feel a kind of sadness. but it's a kind of nice sadness. you dont really cry from it but u feel at peace. corny i know, but this is really how i feel. the first time i walked in the rain was when i was with my best friend at that time. obviously, i was 10. i feel like there are onli the two of us in this world and really at peace. i haf always wanted to try that again ever since. the second time was when i was in sec 1 or 2. i cant remember. i had no choice then, but i still feel the same feeling of peace and well-being. after that, when i got home, i felt ridiculously safe and happy.

in case you are starting to think that i'm a depressing person, dont. cos i'm not. i really like the sun as well. even though i sometimes wish it wouldnt shine on me so harshly when i'm already feeling sticky. on good days, i like the way it feels on my skin and the way it warms me up when i first step out of somewhere cold. it's like stepping out into a nice warm shower, except it's not that solid. i also like the way it drys up my tears whenever i cry and feel sad. i juz face up towards the sun and let it dry up my tears. as if someone is wiping them away for me. but because the sun shines everyday but it doesnt rian everyday, not even in a humid place like s'pore, i obviously dont appreciate it as much as the rain.

i also like the wind. the way it blows around me whenever i feel warm. this is good, i have lots of breezes around me in the classroom. but that's probably because i'm sitting under the fan. hahax. but seriously, none of you will deny that after coming back from pe feeling sweaty and hot and damn sticky, it feels really good to just stand under the fan and let it cool you down and evaporate the sweat. when a cool breeze blows around you, dont you feel lke there is someone ruffling up your hair affectionately? ok i know i shdnt say this since it IS 7th month, but it's the truth right? oh well...

if you find my post corny, then you better stop reading it. cos either i have an unusually weird passion for life, or you dont appreciate anything in your life at all. take a pick.

btw, i created this blog so that i dont haf to use a diary as i'm having a hard time trying to hide it from my mom. before i start writing rubbish, bye.


  1. ur twin1:43 am

    hey i'm just gona leave u messages on this blog thingy but keep checkin ur e-mail just incase so hows things wat have u been up 2

    yea i hav 3 hours of revision 2 do everyday cuz i failed my summer exams so dont worry about ur hw talkin like 1 hour anyways later

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