Thursday, October 15, 2009

Eyelashes and tanning. :)

Went to Watson's yesterday, and decided to be a rebel by using the testers and not buy anything. ^_^ Photo above features Si Rong's eye and eyelashes. Took that picture to give her an idea of what I want. Ended up using flash because that picture was too dark.

Used their purple mascara and shiny navy blue eyeliner. Blue eyeliner gets two thumbs up! It's amazing. Too bad, I wiped it off before taking that photo.

See, Si Rong too this photo. Using my Nikon D1 and ALL the close up filter lens. I love using them, it just brings out all the little things you tend to overlook in life, and it's the little things that make things so special and amazing.

Quick question, how do you get the camera to focus on the whole frame instead of just the middle, which as you can see, is a section of the eyelash. Because the whole unfocused eye just looks weird. Tried using different close up filter lenses, but it didn't really work.

I was at the scissors again yesterday, cutting my own fringe. And then, went to the pool for a swim in Jurong. To say it's a pool would be an understatement, it's a watery playground. Lol. Came back looking like this:

Look at all the tan I have. And I'm sunburnt too! Should have used my sun tanning oil. At least I would have had some protection.

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