Monday, October 05, 2009

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

It's a day late but then again, I was at my aunt's house till near 1am in the morning. Had a blast. It was so fun. Played with sparklers. Which was great cos I love sparklers. But I have forgotten all about the smoke. Never ever, play with sparklers just outside your house. Be a little more hardworking and go downstairs. All the neighbours didn't seem too happy about having sparkler smoke blow into their house.
Made that 'A' above just there now. I love fire! It's fun. I actually sat and watched it melt into a little waxy puddle. It is quite nice to be able to use the candles freely.
It's nice to be able to feel partially at home again. Had a bad day on Thursday, and I came home crying my eyes out.
Cried to a great number of people and when I finally calmed down, I cried again when my granny told me "When I see you happy, I'm happy. When I see you sad, I am heart-broken. So if there is anything, just tell me ok?" You know, that was one of the first times I felt so loved since I came to Singapore.
Then yesterday, my cousin (Si Rong) got me two pairs of zip earrings. Was so touched. I lost it by accident at the pool and I was completely heart-broken 'cos they were a gift from a friend in NI. It meant so much to me. And then she went to buy me new ones cos she knew I loved them. Thunk you very muchly Si Rong.
It's taking a long time but I'm glad I'm finally able to feel partially at home here. Mind you, I miss Ireland terribly and I really really hope someone would come visit me. I really miss everyone there and it still makes me cry when I think about it.

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