Thursday, January 10, 2008

chocolate and dry air..

yepz yepz jsut realised yesterday that i have LOADS of chocolates sitting in my room from christmas and they are there above. :P have a little bit of a sore throat now. and not jsut because of all the chocolates i've been eating cos i was hungry but mainly because of the air.

u wouldnt believe how dry the air is over here. it's soooo dry! and it really hurts whenever i breath especially in the mornings when i walk to school from the bus station. ah well. lalala. and it's absolutely freezing now.

remember when i complained about the cold earlier on in the blog? those are nothing compared to this. it's so cold! i couldnt feel my feet on the walk up. and just now even wearing a jumper, scarf, shirt, tights, socks, and trousers, i am still cold!!!!! AND that's in my room! where there is supposed to be a little bit of heat. *sigh*

i'm warm enough now though, after eathing my dinner and things :D

lalala. so that's it for today! bye!