Tuesday, January 08, 2008

snow last thursday, school today

there was lots of snow last thursday. it started in about the afternoon. and it got heavier and heavier. i thought it was rather fun. until there was a blackout for about 3 hours. and it was freezing, cos the radiators were off. ate dinner by candlelight which wasnt as romantic as it sounds lol. and then huddled about the fire. :D

during the black out though, it was snowing heavier and heavier. me and jordan were out running about in the falling snow. made a teeny snowman. that is the little bit of snow at first. rest of the photos below are later on during e blackout. took them with flash.

foot prints! i dont know whose they are but mine are among them.
that is the teeny snowman. frosty the snowman...

just in case u were wondering, the snow melted by the end of nxt day. there was still a little bit of snow elsewhere though. like in raffery and the like. lalala

back to school today. was great. except it felt like i never had my holidays. hmmm...

oh well. :) so long as everyone's happy.