Wednesday, January 30, 2008

random ramblings

okokok..above is what u would see from the top floor of the newcastle centre. was there cos jordan's nephew had a birthday party there and they booked the hall for two hours and then so basically i jsut walked about the huge hall with nanny and alison. oh well. it was pretty good. learnt a little but more about children and how they are so much more different from the kids in s'pore in terms of sophistication and the like.

perhaps it's cos of the television here? i mean in s'pore the programmes u have there would be considered so modest compared to here. also maybe it's because of the variety of channels we have in s'pore. in s'pore u even have a channel esp for kids. (i am guilty of watching that all day when i have my holidays way back in s'pore) and then maybe as a result children back in s'pore will not sorta stray and start looking at the other channels which do NOT have immoral stuff in them.

not that i'm dissing the television programmes here. it's jsut that over here it's so hard to get programmes for kids. that's what i have realised. u have to pay to get children's programmes that run all day. (they have this thing called skye)

so that's my rant for today :P

that above are the 15 big stars i made for the children in my work placement before i leave. was pretty gutted when i left. cos i would miss them so much. i still would be able to see them from time to time though. :D

and in that i can probably safely say that i have failed in one aspect of care-giving. and that is to keep a professional distance. i have gotten too close to the children. but..oh i dont know. if u do not genuinely care for them, then how is it "care-giving"?

this is a true head-melt. (see ryan, i know how to use it!)