Saturday, January 26, 2008

new event!

i have decided that from today on, to protect my singaporean-ness and to show that i'm proud of being a singaporean, i have decided to make every saturday singlish day. i make saturday Singlish Day because:

both start with and 'S',
both have 3 syllables,
and because i tend to be in a sillier mood on saturdays.

yepz yepz. so hor, now i'm going to type singlish like never before. so much so that people would not be able to understand liao. very good right?

yesterday i got a spongebob squarepants t-shirt. very nice one. wait ar...upload the picture.
nice right? haha. i know la..i pose so much. and in some of the picture can see the spongebob face on the shirt. haha. light up the fire today. was ok la.

quite fun also but dont tell anyone. i think if i do it everyday then i also sian liao.

lalala. have to chiong and try to make 12 more big big stars for the children. might want to do that later.

yepz yepz. i dont think there's anything much to say. er..

so that is the end of singlish day today. YAY!