Saturday, May 16, 2009

Doctor Doctor!

Went to the doctor's today to get my back checked out. See, I've been having real stiff shoulders for months now, which then progressed to shoulder aches. And that, rapidly progressed all the way down to my shoulder blades, which hurts. Alot. So, recently it's gotten so much worse and I just won't stand for it anymore. Not whenever it is going to affect my piano playing. My exam is in two and a half weeks! There's practice to be done, scales to memorise, not to mention the stress of exams. I can't be twisting and turning in my seat to try to ease the pain during my exam.

I digress. Anyway, doctor got me to stand up and then started pushing bits of my back, asking if it hurt. Then she came to the spinal cord and pushed in on it. Really, all I was thinking to myself was "It's the bone, obviously it's gonna hurt. Duh." But decided to tell her that it hurt anyway. So, verdict was. "I think it's your posture which is causing you all those problems." Damn. That's not good. Especially when I do try to stand straight and lie on my back to sleep. Well at first I lie on my back to sleep because it was a means to try to ease the pain. Now it's a necessity because it's simply too painful to lie on my side. Back to the point, I just can't understand why I'm getting back pains because of my posture of all things. I mean, it's not as if I stand like that:
She prescribed anti-inflammatory tablets for me to take when the pain strikes. I took it more than an hour ago and it has yet to help the stiffness. There were a few, pilates, and swimming, which I completely understand 'cos all that arm movement has got to loosen up those back muscles. But one thing though..I still can't swim.. And let's face it. Am I really going to commit to those classes even if I do gather the courage to sign up for one?

Oh! I am also being referred to get physiotherapy. Which means. Back massage!!! Yippeee! Let's just hope it doesn't end up like this:
I am expecting no spa. But still, a back massage is in order me thinks. Know what's the best thing? I'm a student here so it's all free! Muahaha, my evil plan has worked. (Only joking)

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