Saturday, May 09, 2009

Last Day of School

Like before, my pea-sized brain honestly can't quite comprehend the enormity of what just happened yesterday. Yesterday, was my last ever day of school. That excludes coming in for exams. But still, I can't believe that two years have passed just like that.

Yesterday to me was a blur of laughter, "yeeooooos" and tears. Tears came from me. *blush* Like that big emotional softie I still am, I cried at speeches, and at goodbyes with me friends.

The day before my first day of school, I was so nervous about it. Things worry me. Like, "What if I fail at everything??" and "What if I get bulied?" and "What if I don't make any friends?" Jordan made things lighter by saying "Let'th go to thchool" with a lisp and that made me laugh and feel better. But at that point in time, as I put on my spanking new school uniform and walked in to school, I truly thought I would be following Jordan around for the whole two years in school. I got lost easily, don't know anyone and am painfully shy.

In less than two months, I've got myself a boyfriend (I know, I still can't believe it either) who turned into my best friend and confidant. Then, I made a few REALLY great friends who I shall never forget. To make things better, I was excelling at Maths (of all subjects, I struggled at Maths most at O levels. How Ironic). AND, I made so many friends and got so many party and sleepover invites I eventually had to decline some because I had to concentrate on my studies. Finally, after a few years of waiting, I feel accepted for who I am. I got to be who I want to be on the inside.

That is what it means to me. And in spite of my rapidly gaining weight and mass, I was happy. It is still so hard to believe how I am so easily accepted into this year group. And I truly thank them for it. For without their warmth, I would hate school.

Well, yesterday is the last day of school. And I would just like to thank everyone I know for being part of a wonderful and amazing two years in Northern Ireland. Even though I wouldn't say it to your faces for fear of dissolving into blubbering sobs, I will miss every single one of you.

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