Thursday, May 28, 2009


Went to a concert yesterday. It was so much fun and the worst part was, it felt as if it never happened! There are no pictures, nothing. *slump* Found one on the internet but it's not one from Rhydian's concert. Was so good though and the suits he wore were mad. :P That's him below. :) He's the first runner up in X-factor possibly last year. I can't remember.
Like the red sparkly one. Can't find a picture of it but just imagine Dorothy's red sparkly shoes, only suit-shaped.

Oh by the way, I have found the source of my back pain. It's a dip in my mattress. Had no idea I was supposed to turn the mattress to prevent dips like that. But yes. My back pain wasn't because of my posture, which is a relief. Though I think it'll take sometime before my back stops hurting again even with lying flat on a now dip-less bed.

Lately I've been having trouble sleeping. Must be the stress from trying to practice piano. It's not that I don't like practicing. It's just that my back hurts and sometimes my wrists and forearms start to get sore. *sigh* I am so unfit.
Not that I've tried. *ahem*

One of the worst things about me going home so soon (25th of June) is knowing that I have to study study study most of the time while I'm here. It really is far too soon and I'm so not looking forward to the goodbyes at all. Now I have less than a month left here and the feeling is not good.
That picture cheered me up immensely. One great big hoorah for internet and it's funny pictures. Whatever will I do without you.

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