Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Get Well Soon

Well well well. So I feel so much better yesterday. But the thing is, I wasn't feeling hungry at all until this morning. So that was nearly two days of not feeling hungry at all. Go me. That's a record.

Watched Angels and Demons with Ryan in the VIP suite yesterday night. It was so good. Brilliant plot, great twist at the end, and full on fast paced, nail-biting tension. A hundred billion trillion stars to everyone in the movie!
VIP suite was brilliant too. There were huge big comfy settees that you can sit on and even lean back on to make a bed. I'm definitely going there again and getting into the cinema an hour before so I can catch a nap. It's that comfortable. Epic-ness!
Back onto being ill. Currently the score is:
So, diarrhoea is the winner! Yay!Like that picture. By the way, note to self. Never ever ever(!) Google "poo" because it was just gross.

Wonder what else my twisted body has in stall for me.

On to cartoon stickers. Cartoon stickers placed on boo-boos make you feel better quicker. Fact.

Accidentally cut my knee in the shower with a five blade razor today while shaving and luckily, I've got my....

TADAAA! Mr Bump plasters! They just put a smile on my face whenever I see them. Tis too cute to be true. Look!I feel better already.

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