Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Sometimes, don't you just feel so helpless? There are times, when you watch someone go through a particularly tough time in life. And you just can't do anything give them the best advice you can and just pray that they'll come through fine.

There are times when I just want to jump into their shoes for a little while, long enough to fight their battles for them and then jump back out. Just so that they don't have to suffer that much.

Fact is, I can't. They will have to fight their own battles. The choices they make will be their's and their's alone. Ultimately, it's their life and I really can't force them to make the choices that I feel is best for them.

Love is a funny thing. I believe in universal love. Essentially, you love everyone. Doesn't mean you like them all the time, but you love them all the same.

So you know who you are. (I know you read this thing) I love you, and I hope you make the 'right' decision. Do what you think is right but make sure you think it through. All the best.

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