Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Want My Powers Please

Everybody likes to think they are special. Agreed? It is generally agreed that each and every human being is a miracle. The complete random-ness at which the sperm seeks out the egg, the specific level of nurture and nature that can only happen to you. There is a very high chance that while there are so many of us, none of us will be exactly the same.

We are unique. Just like everyone else.

I like to think I'm unique too. When Harry Potter came out, I was actually sorely disappointed when Dumbledore forgot to send me a letter on my 11th birthday requesting for me to report at Hogwarts for the next school year. I would have made a good addition to Hufflepuff.

After giving up on my powers developing at 11, I decided, instead to wait for my mage powers to evolve. Being fairly certain that I was a weather mage, I waited patiently. Afterall, the powers normally manifest in mid-teens right?

Wrong. As you can see, I'm still here. And the weather has not changed. Unfortunately.

Right. So I'm not a weather mage. Don't worry! There's the Xmen! Maybe I can teleport just by looking at a photo of the place. Like in the movie Jumper.


I'm still waiting for my X gene to mutate and manifest so I can have my powers. Maybe I was too immature before. But I am pretty sure I'm ready for my powers now.

Any day now. It'll happen.

Just you wait and see. :)

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