Friday, April 30, 2010


So last Thursday I set three tasks for myself to complete.

I only completed one. I feel like such a failure! Made a video and uploaded it today. I wasn't even gonna do that! But I received my prize from a friend of a friend on Youtube.
As you can see, I was super excited. The guy enclosed a letter and asked me to make a video response and take a photo of it. So I did.

Got my hair trimmed. Cut my fringe cos it has been covering my right eye for ages and my right eye actually feels half-closed. So yes. The hairdresser thinned my hair out so much that my hair volume has been reduced by half. No worries though, it'll grow back in no time. I will get my mangy mane back. She hacked off about three inches when I only asked for a trim though. Doesn't a trim kinda mean just one inch off the length? I even specifically asked for just one inch off the length.

Ranting about my hair is done. I like my fringe though, had to cut an annoying curl away at the side. Satisfied with the results.

Having a ham and mustard and cheese sandwich. Mmmmm...nom nom nom.

Got a new job. It's as an administrative assistant, pays $6 per hour and the hours are 8.30am-6pm every Monday to Friday. Good stuff. This pays so much more than my current job. And training is provided too, which means that I will be making less mistakes. And that means, I get scolded less!! Yippeeee.

Do you know why I have been blogging more?

Cos for some reason I feel quite empty inside. There's hardly anyone to talk to most of the time. And that's why, I turn to blogging. Really, I should get back to writing so I can really spill my soul. But oh well. It's hard starting to write again. Used to be able to write for hours on end but now my hand cramps after 10 minutes. Dammit.

Hmm this post has been long enough. I shall stop here and maybe go get ready for bed.

Nighty night. x

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