Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh Hello!

I just realised that I have two followers! I'm not too sure if they've always been there, or if I just didn't see the thing on my dashboard.

Hello anyway. Both of you know me already so let's dispense with the formalities. :)

Sore throat is getting better. I can now eat crackers without pain!! My life currently revolves around food and sleep. It's way to primal. I have to get out more.

No money, no time!

OK. Things I will accomplish no matter what by next Thursday:

1) Make a video that has some effort put into it.
2) Take a picture with my Nikon D5000 outside the house.
3) Go on the swings for at least 15 minutes. Unless some poor kid is waiting his turn. Then I can wait.

Right. Three things should do it. It's not like it's a Herculean feat or anything.

Got a job that I didn't really want. It's as a freelance surveyor. Basically, I have to go house to house trying to successfully interview people. I will have to interview 120 homes in two weeks! The job doesn't even pay all that well. Thank goodness it's only for two weeks. But for these two weeks I'll have to work really hard.

Since I'm talking about my job, let me update you on what's really going on.

Remember my business developer job? Currently I work three full days a week. Since it's part time it really pays peanuts. ($5 an hour excluding lunch hour). So I'm considering really just going full time. Might get a higher pay. :)

Also I'm doing home tutoring. Just one student at the moment. Can't squeeze in anymore.

All this hard work WILL pay off.

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