Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ah Well

Now I know that only one person reads my blog. *sad face*

Anyway, I did not get into the university. Dean was not there so my parents and me spoke to the person in charge of admissions instead. Turns out, I was too late and also, the quota for the courses I applied for have exceeded. Which means no matter how I squeeze, I can't get in.

Also, I only sold a box of mooncakes today. And got chatted up by an old man. He came up and I was promoting mooncakes and then he started telling me how he was divorced and how he was lonely. Then he proceeded to ask my name, and where he could contact me. After which he said he was an entrepeneur. And asked if I would like to join him in Johor Bahru for big money.

No way in the world am I gonna agree to that. I mean I've heard of things like this, but even if he wanted to cheat me I think it's a little to lousy to be called cheating per se. Not to be arrogant, but I saw through it and no one is going to follow him right?


Nearly vlogged today too but I decided not to. Well, I gotta get to bed soon. Not only am I opening the store on my own tomorrow, I still have to train people. It's time to catch that very first customer and make this my day.

Aim for 20 boxes tomorrow!!

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