Friday, September 04, 2009


I made good on my promise to myself more than two months later. To run in the morning around the neighbourhood.

And so today I woke up bright and early at 9am, got breakfast, sat around and then went out to run. Turns out, I am most definitely not fit. I started out running ok, and then in a minute or two I'm panting really hard and by the third minute, I am huffing and puffing and starting to walk.

Pathetic aren't I.

So I walked all around the block I planned to jog, and got home with a pounding head and sick stomach. Boooo. No fair. Maybe I started out too strong. I will try again on Sunday.

Tomorrow is the invigilating exam. Whew. It's gonna be tough. I'll be required to speak to the examinees. That, and I don't have anything to wear yet. Got to do some serious shopping for shoes and a top later before the lesson. See, me and my sister (who's the assistant invigilator) have to sit for a lesson as to what we have to do tomorrow. It's today from 7pm-10pm. So shopping has to be done before then. Hope my sister gets back from school early. Tomorrow the exam is from 8am-1pm. After which I will have to rush across Singapore to make it to my student for his tuition lesson by 2pm.

Seriously. I need the money.

I didn't really bother to go onto msn yesterday and I haven't stalked Ryan on Facebook in two days which is good. Still think about him alot, and I get loads of flashbacks. But then it's gotten easier ever since I changed my phone background to somthing else other than Ryan. He really makes me wonder if everything is ever true. What he said. You know all that lovey dovey stuff. I don't want to come out of this relationship bitter. I want to come out stronger. Stronger, but not bitter. But now I really doubt if what he said during those times were true. Shall not repeat it here lest people start to puke up their last meal.

Blah! I'm going to just go and play my computer game. =D it's lotsa fun! Not very well known but it's called Pet Shop Hop where you run a pet shop (as the name suggests) and I love it. Got stuck at a level yesterday and after losing like three times I decided it was time to go to bed. (it was 1am)

I'm so sorry for these pictureless and random posts. But then again, I've got so much on my mind. If I put it somewhere (like in here) I might just feel a little bit better.

Which reminds me. I went to the minister of parliament yesterday again. She was so nice and immediately after hearing about my failed attempts to get into uni, she emailed one of the persons in charge of the uni to personally review my applications and appeal. ^_^ So sweet. Hopefully this will be done and dusted then I can concentrate on my future. Part of the whole uni thing which gets me so much is that for now I simply cannot do anything. And so long as my parents keep pushing to go into uni, my future remains uncertain. (sad face)

Maybe I'll get doughnut holes to cheer myself up later. Seriously, what's a girl got to do to get some doughnut holes around here? A few days ago I was out and I literally went into every bakery I passed and there were no doughnut holes! :( I settled for a real doughnut eventually but it was nowhere near as satisfying as putting a whole doughnut hole into your mouth and letting the sugar melt. For those who don't know what doughnut holes are, they're the holes from the doughnut. Simple as that. I mean when they make the holes in the doughnuts the excess has to go somewhere right? Some combine the excess to make another doughnut. Some make doughnut holes. I like calling them doughnut holes cos it's funny. Scientifically, holes don't exist. Like if you see a hole, you can only see it because it is surrounded by matter. Much like pouring paint on an invisible person cos you can see them. Right? (if you don't get it then it's fine)

Shall not drivel anymore. Cos it's starting to get pretty rubbish. Byeeee.

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