Wednesday, September 16, 2009


After ten hours of standing up with an aching lower back and promoting the hell outta those mooncakes, I managed to sell four boxes. Not good eh? Well like my boss was telling me I have to do my best and know that I can do that. It's all very well to tell me that and to tell myself that, but I have to believe it deep deep down at my very core.

Going to try it tomorrow. I will tell myself "I'm going to sell this within an hour" and then try to ignore my feet and back. Wish I remembered my backache cream though. It really hurt and I had to stretch several times which didn't look pretty.

In other news, does anyone know how on earth can my Spongebib shirt just get so short in a year? I wanted to wear it today but realised it looked darn stupid just hanging there at my belly button. *sigh*

I shall have to remember to send my supportingh documents to National Institute of Education. Or they will not consider me.

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