Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bad Weather

You know, over here in Singapore bad weather doesn't necessarily mean rain. In fact, I like the rain. It makes everything cooler, and you sweat less.

Now, the weather today, that's bad weather. It was really warm, and the humidity was off the charts. I spent all day feeling really sticky and in spite of the fan being on full speed, it was still very humid and warm.

On the other hand, I got a job for two weeks. And that was literally the answer to my prayers to be able to pay off my bills and transport. It's at a mooncake promotion in Bugis Junction and I think it's at a counter. Probably be working for 8 hours a day at $5 per hour, for four days a week. That's not too shabby.

So it's pretty on and off for now. The computer's turning itself off unpredictably which doesn't help my mood, so I guess it'll have to post this real soon.

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