Thursday, September 10, 2009


It was a great day today. Movie was great, and I realised that the movie I wanted to watch with Ryan while I was in NI was called Planet 51. Not 21, 41, but 51. Damn I did searched on 'Planet 41', 'Planet 21', and even did a search on 'Planet' on IMDB. But yea, G-Force was so funny. ^_^

Came home to see if Ryan was online and he wasn't. Well, I mean it's not too surprising. But that is not what I came to talk about today.

Went onto Facebook, (like I always do), and then saw that there were lots of pictures put up by AK of Ryan. So I decided to take a look. Sure, I mean people do that all the time and it couldn't do any harm right? Wrong.

I mean, as I looked at the photos well they were good, but they just made me miss him so much. And to be honest, he looked really good. *blush* He's kept his beard long-ish. Really it isn't longer than an inch but enough to see the shadow. It really defines his jaw. (oooh look at me, the facial expert -_-) Damn, I just miss him so much.

Well, he's going away for two years in April and I probably won't hear from him alot. Possibly an email a month if I'm lucky. Just wish that I could be there.

You know what else? Now I don't really know this at all but he (possibly) has a snake! I really want a snake too and even someone else's snake woulda been fine dammit. Why now? A mere two months after I'm gone, things go so well for him?

Why after such a long time of being the (nearly) top priority in each other's lives, I'm probably near the bottom now?

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