Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Demon Spawn

I have come to a conclusion that the first years this year are not really children, but demon spawn in the shape of 11 and 12 year old children's bodies. Since last Thursday, those first years have been tormenting me by sitting at the back of the bus and screaming, yelling, shouting, laughing raucously, and giggling really really loudly. On Thursday, me and Samantha were sitting right in front of them. And I swear! My ear drums popped each and every time I heard a yell or a scream.

Then me and Samantha took turns in telling them off in desperate hope that they would tine it down just that little so my poor eardrums would live to see another day. I've only got one pair you know? Well, so I told them off, but it was peppered with "please"s. I thought if I told them politely and nicely while treating them with respect they might listen to me. But nooooooo. After that, I heard them mimicking me. Cheeky wee devils! They are the devil's spawn for sure! I simply will not believe that I was like this when I was 11. This really makes me believe that I shall never be a teacher.

All those raging hormones are sure feared by parents. And rightly so too.

Friday and today was just as bad. Except this time I was sitting further away from them and so didn't get the full blast of it. They were staring lots though. But I ignored them. Today I went home with a headache and each scream, each yell, each bout of raucous laughter drives a white-hot needle of pain into my skull. Each and every time I hear a high pitched scream, and a shout, my shoulders get tenser and tenser. Well, my shoulder pains are back. In spite of my marvelous new bag which distributes the weight evenly and cured my shoulder pains for a few days. Thanks for bringing it back demon spawns. All the pain they bring me with the noise is not fun. And that was with music too. I could hear them over the music! What? Are you human at all?! The sheer amount of volume that exudes from their lungs is just not human. My head hurts so bad..

Plus, I'm certain that they have put a hex on me for shouting at them on Thursday. I've got a really painful insect bite on my upper lip. It's swollen and hurts when I touch it and aches when I don't. Curse you demon spawn!

Okok, I admit, it's not really fair to say that and I'm pretty sure they'll be nice people in their own right. But do they have to be so loud? It seriously affects me every single day when I take the bus home. The worse thing is, I can't take a different bus 'cos there simply isn't any other bus! I shall continue with my view upon them as demon spawn until I receive the ultimate gift of silence from them.

Till then, they shall be referred to as demon spawn.

"The most feared stage of life is probably pre-teens and the teenage years. Next comes the middle aged crisis. Ahh..isn't it a pleasure growing up with all that in front of you?" -ME!

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