Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pimple Pain

News of the demon spawn, I finally had peace on the bus today. Their seats at the back were occupied by the big boys. Hooray for big boys! The demon spawn then went to the top layer of the double decker to spread their plague of noise to other innocent people. But since they have, in a sense given me the ultimate gift of silence, I shall graciously (yea right) retract their title of demon spawn. I'll call them first years instead. Which in my opinion, isn't much better. the bus ride was SO good today. Even had a little nap. Involuntarily of course. My eyelids just closed by themselves.

Yesterday out of no where came a pimple on my upper lip. Now, I always thought that pimples look like this:Well, maybe not quite as pus-y. Disgusting isn't it? But still, a raised tiny red lump with perhaps a little white spot of pus in the middle. My pimple yesterday (and today) was just a big red lump. Much like an insect bite and it's really sore when I touch it or move my upper lip too much. Don't ask me why I move my upper lip. I just do. Great! On top of looking ugly, my pimple has to hurt too? Why?!

Me! Eat healthily as much as possible, wash my face twice a day, and try to keep my skin in as good a condition as possible. Oh yes, I put a lot of thought into what kind of facial wash I buy. But why, my baby smooth skin? Why? Why have you forsaken me and grown little lumps, some big and red and to top it off, hurts? Have I not pampered you enough? Are you jealous of other skin which get facials? Well, I can't help it if I can't be bothered with a facial. I'll look ridiculous!

Come on! Do you really want to look like this?Like really, her face is blue!

On a happier note though, school was good. Though Ryan (as always) was late for school. It's not really his fault though, his bus is just very slooooow.

Damn. Now that my rant has fizzled out, I can't find a way to end this. Well, in situations of desperate needs, calls for desperate measures.

The End. ^____^

"What? you think gorgeous just happens?" - Hilda Suárez. From Ugly Betty when Betty's boss caught her sister in a facial mask and stared. Then her sister retorted with that exceedingly witty remark which had me laughing for days after. I'm so easily amused it's unbelievable.

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