Friday, September 05, 2008


Oh gosh. I didn't know that waking up at 6.45am for about four days in a row would have such an effect on me. Even though I have at least seven hours of sleep each night. Still so tired. And even now, I can barely keep my eyes open.
At least I don't look like that when I yawn..

Going out with Ryan after school tomorrow. Can't wait! ^_^ Should be a lot of fun.

It was so embarrassing today whenever Ryan and me were trying to find the right Careers class we were supposed to be in. Eventually when we found it, the class was packed and really really warm. But the teacher was really funny and she's nice so it was pretty enjoyable. After that had two more changes to learn about different things from different teachers. So I sure hope I can go to University of Ulster. But because I'm considered an international student here, there are a few difficulties with the legalities and finances. I always thought a loan should be no problem, but apparently it's too big. I don't mind having to pay off a loan for literally half my life. Because I know that a British degree would be recognized internationally which means that I will be able to get work more easily elsewhere in the world. That will also mean I will be able to get a job easier even in Singapore. So really, is it not worth it in the long run?

Should stop thinking about it. The more I think about it, the more depressed and stressed I get. Maybe because I'm tired. Whenever I got off the bus this afternoon, I was so tired, that I looked on the wrong side of the road before stepping out. Almost in front of a car. And the next car behind the one which almost knocked me down was pointing or waving or something. Damn the tiredness.

After a week or two I should be fine. It'll be sweet then. More things to occupy myself with. Just hopefully not so much that I drown in it. I work well under pressure. (HA!)

There may be 6.692 billion people on earth, but only a few will suit you. Are you ready for that search?

By the way, heard in common that there is one sure-fire way to fall in love, or make people fall in love with you. Well, not really sure-fire. But still pretty high chance. Are you ready to hear it girls? There was this scientific experiment where eight couples were put in a room. Then they were told to tell each other their deepest and darkest secrets, that which they wouldn't tell anyone else. After that experiment, it was reported that 80% of them felt strong emotional feelings towards each other. And some even got on to get married! So there you go. It's that simple. I guess whenever you expose your deepest and darkest secrets to someone, you feel nearly closer to that person because it takes a lot of trust to do that. And you feel safe, knowing that the person will help you guard your secrets. The other person on the receiving end, will feel that he/she is being trusted, and then tell you some deep and dark secrets of their own. This is how communication works, this is how relationships should be formed.

Like I said above, you have to trust the person to do it. Do not try this with a complete stranger. They might run away from you. But I do believe that a relationship only works whenever you are totally transparent with one another, and also when you love and accept that person enough to accept the deep and dark secrets they tell you. Sure, you may get hurt if that person so heartlessly dumps you, but long relationships, or relationships of any kind for that matter, are supposed to help you grow and mature as a person. It helps you develop and discover Who You Truly Are. I'm afraid, most of the time, we only learn through pain. From the minute we're born, we have to experience pain to know what pain is, then we have to go through a series of painful trials (such as accidentally burning yourself on a hot drink, never drink from a cup of steamy fluid, no matter how tempting. Not that I've tired it. *looks guilty*) to learn how to get through life. Some mistakes will have a higher costs than others. But then, that is just the way of life.

"The wretch who digs the mine for bread, or ploughs, that others may be fed, feels less fatigued than that decreed to him who cannot think or read." -Hannah More (she was an English religious writer and philanthropist.)

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