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Meme and Quiz

Ahhh, the joys of blogging. Nothings better than sitting in front of the computer after a hard day of working and housework typing out the thoughts of your day into some semblance of order onto the computer screen. ^___^ I love blogging. Referring to my post below, about fighting, I heard from Jordan that the younger guy is a bully and would shout abuse at him and his friends just because they skateboard. Over here Jordan would be classed as a hippy. Not the 70s one which smoke pot, just ones who skate. Hippys are cool. The 70s is cool.

Back to the point, I also heard that he's a nasty person and more accurately, from other people's mouths, he's an *******. Also heard that the older guy will be beating him up everyday until he pays the money or something. Sounds like a case of borrowing money from the wrong person. Anyway, the fight wasn't at the bus station the next morning. Much to my relief. For all I know they may be fighting somewhere else or at different times of the day. Not going to probe any further cos I don't really wanna know. Keeping myself outta this.
Yilin tagged me to do a quiz, and weeks ago, JinJun got me to do a meme. Only sent me the meme today though, 'cos he's decided to "be nice". JinJun's meme will be in blue cos he's a boy (also cos it's his favorite color) and Yilin's quiz will be in red cos she's a girl! Easy!

JinJun's: 1. Someone who seems to have a lot of close friends.

2. Someone you've known for a long time.
Pei Ching. I've known her for nine years and even though we don't talk much we're still quite close. Which I absolutely love 'cos she's so easy to talk to and she's the best to keep your confidence up.

3. Someone you'd like to trade places with.
Nobody! I love my own life!

4. Someone who seems likely to be a member of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Sarah Patterson. She loves animals and wouldn't dissect a mouse for Biology because she thinks it's morally wrong to breed animals just to kill them for study instead of for survival.

5. Someone who seems like a chatterbox.
Erin. She talks to anybody and everybody.

6. Someone who seems to have a lot of wild ideas / fantasies.

Baby (Li Hao my little sister)

7. Someone who seems like they were popular at school.

Victoria Smyth

8. Someone you think you would have been close to if you went to school together.
Chen Jie. He's practically a listening ear and helped me through my teenage angst. I'm afraid we've drifted apart though.

9. Someone you want to stay up all night talking to.
Ryan! But I can't do that 'cos most of the time I fall asleep and start drifting in and out of consciousness throughout the conversation. Once I said "I have to go to the top deck of the ship to help the man at the front line to defend against the infancy!" To much reading about war. Plus, I mixed infantry up with infancy -_-

10. Someone who can look after children.

My mommy.

11. Someone who seems to fall in love a lot.

Hmm..Hui Zhi? She's too trusting le. Guys are horrible to her.

12. A beauty.
Hui Zhi!

13. Someone who seems like a celebrity.

Sarah Patterson. She's really tall and is like a model. Also has a really strong presence.

14. Somone who is girly / manly
Sarah Patterson is definitely very girly. As well as countless others over here.

15. Someone you want to dress up as the opposite gender.

Me! I want to see what I look like as a guy. Even though I already dress like one. (shirt and trousers all the time -.-)

16. Someone grown-up.
Ryan. He can be much much more mature than me. We're mature in different areas. So we balance out. Ryan's definitely more level-headed than me though. :)

17. Someone childlike.
Ryan sometimes.

18. Someone who is like a princess / prince.
Can't imagine anyone I know now as royalty.

19. Someone who seems capable.
Ming Ching seems very capable of whatever life throws his way.

20. Someone who has a unique view on life.
Ming Ching. He thinks we're here to suffer. I think we're here to learn.

21. Someone S-type.

Sometimes me. I can be very sadistic.

22. Someone M-type.
Lauren Walker. She's very nice though.

23. Someone you think of as your boss.
Auntie Carol and my mom. :P

24. Someone who would kill you if you got on their bad side.

No one.

25. Someone who seems good at seduction.
Don't know anyone who can seduce.

26. Someone you think you could seduce.

Ryan! Lol. Not really. He only does things for me because he wants to.

27. Someone who loves with all their heart.

28. Someone you want to see in cosplay.
Ryan's going to do cosplay to be Anakin Skywalker for Halloween. Teehee. It should be fun. I'm not participating though.

29. Someone you seriously want to go on a date with.
Ryan. (any surprise there?)

30. A message to all the above people: Noticed people have been having trouble with 21 and 22 - S-type is 'sadist', M-type is 'masochist'.

Yilin's: question N1 : The person who tagged you is?

question N2 : Your relationship with him/her?
My cousin.

question N3 : Your 5 impressions of him/her?

She worries too much about the little things in life. She's gotta lighten up and let things take their course.

question N4 : The most memorable thing he/she has done for you?

Telling me that her zodiac is also a horse. I think I'm about five to six months older than her. >.<

question N5 : The most memorable thing he/she said to you?

"I think this boy fancies me..." *blushes* Don't know if she remembers?

question N6 : If he/she becomes ur lover you would ?

Not happening. Because we're straight, and it'll be incest. Which is really weird. Makes me sick thinking about it. Right. Stop. Who put that question there anyway?!

questions N7 : If he/ she becomes ur lover , she needs to improve on?

I hate the person who put this's sick!

question N8 : If he /she becomes ur enemy you will ..
Still have a chance to make it up to her 'cos she's tied to me forever! Muahaha! Her blood runs in my veins and vice versa.

question N9 : If he / she becomes ur enemy the reason would be?

Nothing. Unless I accidentally break her violin. Noooo!

question N10 : The most desired thing u want for him/her will be?
To be happy and finally enjoy life. Strike a balance and you'll be happy.

question N11 : Your overall impression of him/her will be?

Too serious! Lighten up a little!

question N12 : How do u think other people will feel about you?

Well, they think I'm beautiful, kind and so nice that even the butterflies will be attracted to me. Haha. No. Really, they probably think I am funny, and I sure hope that I can help them with their lives however much I can.

question N13 : The characteristics you love about urself is ?

I like being helpful helping in whatever way I can.

question N14 : The characteristics you hate about urself is ?
Hmm..sometimes I am not satisfied with the way I look and it can really pester me for a quite a long time. So I hate not being happy with myself.

question N15 : The most ideal person you want to be?

Contented and balanced.

question N16 : For people that care and love you ; what do you wanna say ?

Thanks for always being there for me and picking me up whenever I'm down and cleaning me up to make me presentable again no matter how big a mess I'm in. Every single one of you made me who I am today. And every help you gave me, no matter how small have contributed to making me who I am. I'm so proud of myself and I would like to give all of you the credit too. ^____^

questions N17 : Pass this quiz onto 10 people that u wish to know how they feel about you?

1. Ryan!

2. Parky

3. Jin Jun

4. Seow Peng

5. Hui Zhi

6. Jodeline

7. Zhi Yu

8. Zoe

9. Thilaiga

10. Ming Ching

Half the people I mentioned up there probably wouldn't do it but that's the fact of life. I don't mind. So here ends my rather lengthy post. And if you got here, congratulations. Especially if you don't recognize those who I mentioned in the meme. I understand it can get pretty draggy whenever you don't really know who you're reading about. Have fun with the rest of your weekend people! (corny sounding but I don't know how else to end!)

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage. " - Lao Tzu (he was a philosopher of ancient China and is also a central figure in Taoism. Possibly known more widely as Father Of Taoism)

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