Thursday, September 25, 2008


The demon spawn are at the back of the bus again today because they were given a chance to get onto the bus first. Yes, I just said demon spawn. They were noisy again today. Or maybe it's because my ears have lost some of their hearing due to the high pitched wailing and screaming going on at the back for the past few days. Oh when will this ever end?

On a lighter note, pimple has ceased to look like an insect bite and has shrunk just that teeny wee bit to look like a proper pimple. Even better, I don't have a tiny dot of pus in the middle. And Ryan didn't notice it at all ^____^

I love my skin.

Sometimes I surprise myself with how self-loving I am. All that fuss over a pimple. But then again, it wasn't any old pimple. It was one which hurt!

Dropped Lilly (the Yorkshire puppy) by accident last night. I felt so bad! She jumped out of my arms while I was halfway lowering her down and from my hip to the ground, one of her little bones in her knee twisted right round. Ouch. Lilly was rushed to the vets and now she's got an operation done and has a pin down her leg. Hopefully she'll be in good health soon.

Gotta go up to Nanny's to see her now. And yes, also to appease my guilt.

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