Sunday, September 24, 2006

dear kor kor

i have finally come around to dedicating a post ot my god brother. so here goes.

ok, the few and most important lessons of my life are taught to me by ny god brother. when i came from primary school to secondary school, the change is really tremendous. i didnt know how to speak tactfully and how to know whether that perosn is fed up with me or not. and i was the victim of rumors.

we met on msn when i randomly added e-mail addresses from chain mails. i know it is not a very good way or a safe way to meet but i think there are no bad side effects from it are there? so i met him when i was at my lowest. he gave me his handphone number, and we started talking to each other.

he is really a good person and i can tell from the way he speaks, and the way he talks to other people. and when he told me that he is "practically a listening ear" i didnt know how much comfort he would be to me until i called him in the middle of the night crying about my parents whenever they scolded me. then we would talk until i had calmed down and then after that we would be talking about anything under the sun.

he would tell me about the times he was in secondary school, the things he did and experienced, the times he had quarrels with his gfs, and lots of other stuff. i really learnt alot just from listening to him. i am a good listener partly because i used to talk to him so much when i was in sec1 and sec2. i am not really sure how much i helped people but i can be sure that he has helped me alot and he has played quite a role in making me who i am today.

not that my parents didnt do anything. they did, but they never taught me things like how never to tell your friend that she looks fat in that school uniform and never to say "yes! i have lost weight!" in front of your friend who has weight problems. he did. i would tell him things which i said and what happened and he would break it down into bite-sized pieces for my immature brain to absorb. then after that i slowly became more confident with myself.

there IS such thing as a social etiquette for every place. even in school and he pretty much told me everything he knew. for me, i was totally lost in this new environment being very used to the closeness of my house and the haven i found in books. i didnt have any idea what to do in any situation in that school. academic-wise, i was slipping really badly as my brain was too rusty. there was even a time when i didnt know how to subtract! serious! it was that bad. and socially, i only had two friends in my class. only two!

only when i got to sec 2 did i get more friends. yea. i was a really bad mess in those days and i really wonder how i could stand it when i thought about it. i would like to thank my kor kor for always being there for me even when you are sleeping or playing games and now, even when you are in NS.

kor kor,

i really appreciate the way you guided me when me first met even though i am just a stranger to you and you can say that it is none of your business. thankyou for being there always.

i hope you are not angry with me for not paying any attention to you when i am with lance now. ya, i know it seems like taking advantage of you but i'm not. so i hope you are touched by this post and if you cry, mail me. k? hahax. and tag me before you leave.


P.S.:i know most of you will probably be watching the finals of singapore idol but i need to tell you this. i am going to end this blog. i told lance today and erm...he didnt approve. he didnt flip cos he already did that yesterday when i told him about all the secrets i had kept from him such as the blog and using the net. and today, i gave him all the accounts i have on the internet which i am using. yea. so i am really sorry. but i will still blog until he deletes it. ok. sorry. let's just see how things go with me and him. yea. bye.

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