Sunday, September 17, 2006

happy birthday twin!!

hello...hope you feel special today...and mature. hahax... :)

we sort of grew up together. and i rememebr that he used to be really whiney. when he first came, he had a culture shock and couldnt stop whining about the food. seriously. and he wore football pajamas at the age of 10 the second time he came. then it was when we were both 13. i forgot what he was like but i guessed he was just like the rest of us. yea...

the last time he came was when i found out how much we look alike. everyone thought we looked alike. i think it is because of the hair cos he had long hair when he came. about shoulder length and in tangles. (i think it is for air dynamics when he goes skateboarding) once i was in the house all the time and when i went to stand beside a cousin, she went "y are you here? i thought you just went out?" and i was like "huh? i was inside the whole time!" and i had my hair up too cos i was very warm. so i think she saw him. that's why. and girls, he IS a pretty good catch so i think it is a great pity that you did add him on msn when he was all ego-istic in the tagbox. well, chance is gone now. hahax. for a gauge on his character, all i can say that i think he is brought up quite well. cos he is the only teenager i ever knew who complimented on his mom. not that his mom is bad, i think she is the best. but usually teenagers our age will complain about our parents no matter how good they are. so you can tell how close he and his mom are. i mean, he can be a pain in the ass at times and be seriously irritating when you dont want him to be but then, all little brothers are. so on the whole, i think he would be the kind of guy who would take care of the people around him. he took care of me when i fought with lance during the span of his trip here. i didnt mean to cry in front of him, but i did. and lots of times too. he didnt tease me about it though.

so anyway, happy birthday and hope that you receive my parcel soon.

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