Saturday, September 09, 2006

i miss band

yesterday's concert didnt blow me away or anything, but it made me realise one thing. i miss playing in a band. that feeling was definite when they played a few songs which i played in the band before. such as ross roy for an instance.

i may not have the instrument that many people will notice and admire but i really do enjoy playing it with the band as a whole. the concert was really messy and that carlsberg song is getting kinda old. i have heard it umpteen times already. but i made me realise all the more what being in a band is all about. at least to me. it means being able to make mistakes and not be scolded for it. it means being able to play a beautiful piece of music(ok, maybe some are not-so-beautiful) together and only when you you play together, can you only then hear the melody out loud and clear. that is, if you are able to play it well. no instrument is more important or of more status as the other, and every single one plays a part, even if you do not really hear that instrument very often (like mine). there was a time when i was playing in the band when i actually felt everyone playing the song. it was very...special. you felt as if you are not alone in playing that piece and every note you play is on big chord consisting of every single person and instrument. i can feel the energy and feel the music. for those who were in the band with me once, it was that time before syf, when we had to play for mr lim(i think, i cant remember the name but he was plump) and we were in the ava room located at the fourth floor of the old campus, back when we took off our shoes and walked around in it. that was the time. i actually kept it to myself but when thilaiga(baritone saxophonist) came and told me that once, in the ava room we played really well, i knew what she was talking about. i think that was the only time we gave out our real 100%. and it was not on stage.

it's okay. at least we did work really hard for that gold. i know how i sounded just now about feeling the energy, i sounded like a psycho. but it's true, and i think it is what mr toh meant by "gelling our sounds". i miss band...maybe after the big Os i'll go to band regularly or maybe join the band in whatever jc i go to. IF i pass my O levels. with my kind of instrument, it is not fun to play by yourself. i play the euphonium. it is a bass instrument so if i play by myself i sound kind of weird. thus, the enjoyment and appreciation for playing in a band and supporting the higher group is developed.

it is not exactly a "popular" instrument. in fact, i think most people would avoid touching it if they can help it and i saw a few newcomers to the band over the following years actually cringing when they see what i am holding. esp the girls and i can practically see them praying to whichever god they pray to, going "please please please dont give me THAT instrument!" same goes for tuba.

here are a few girls playing the euphonium so you can roughly gauge it's size. i have nothing to say for now....actually, i do. but it is like one or two subjects and i dont think i have the mood to write it down now. funny how everything you do is all up to whether you have the mood nowadays. like my maths homework, i didnt do it even when i locked myself up because i dont have the mood. it is so awful. at least i completed half... *hopeful look*

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