Sunday, September 24, 2006


i feel much better after listening to some music and having a good night's sleep. lance started work yesterday night. not that he hasnt been working. he has been trying to find a job as a security guard as i said, but you are supposed to have a cert to be one. the course costs $65 and he doesnt have any starting money. he is now working as a kitchen cleaner in suntec city convention centre. hey, that is nothing bad about it. just that hours are abit weird. 11pm-6am. and the pay is $800 a mth excluding what they put into your cpf. it is actually paying higher than the job he has previously and the hours are shorter.

not bad? maybe some of you will have aspirations to be a kitchen cleaner when you grow up. actually $800 is alot, considering that he doesnt have to pay for the houses electrical and water bills, and food and lots of other house-y stuff that make you broke.

i feel much better and i have calmed down alot. in the end, my mom also didnt really kick up a big fuss when she came home. she just made a few comments which i didnt bother to listen to and went about singing "happyday" which is actually a little kids song which is sung in my little sister's music class long ago. she thinks i had a happy day yesterday cos i had no one there to piss me off and i could use the phone for all eternity. as most of you who read my blog know, it was the opposite.

i just ignored her. i wish i had some other way other than blogging to relieve my stress. cos i can only come on at certain times. and lance doesnt know about this, i dont intend to let him know or else he would absolutely F-L-I-P! yea. so, that's all.

i have been thinking about writing a novel. or at least a story. it is nothing about my life. the inspiration came when i was walking pass a funeral taking place at the void deck. then suddenly i was thinking about this story line where a beloved grandfather of one boy dies and the grandfather's spirit appeared in his dreams where he said that the boy would meet a girl when he is 17. and he is to marry that girl. they would have a child when they are both 25 and his first born would be a boy, in which his grandfather's soul have been reincarnated into. then i would talk about the loveless marriage that poor girl has, the repercussions of the boy's mistake in agreeing to let his grandfather take the body of his first born's body. yea. i was thinking about making it all very dark and scary but with me, i dont think it's possible. i try though. i might start working on it anytime and i think i will post it on this blog in a different colour.

the only things which are missing is the names of the characters i am just not so good at naming. can anyone give me some ideas? thankyou.

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