Friday, September 08, 2006

grazing my way through...

today just went to the library and came back. actually, going to the library was just an excuse to send a letter but my parents dont know about it. anyway, was just thinking about how i have grazing my way throught the holidays .

i meant literally grazing. i have been doing nothing but watching tv, and eating none stop. i would watch a little tv, then go down to have some biscuits, nake myself a drink, and look around in the fridge. it's boring.

i'm posting now because i wont be able to do so later. i would be at jurong secondary watching my sister play in her first band concert ever. i'm so proud of her. she is secondary one this year and studies in orchid park secondary school. they're not performing in victoris concert hall because her school is banned from using it. some secondary ones from the band were rude to the people there during their last concert and left the place very dirty.

i'm so bored. as for my holiday homework, i did not touch it. nor am i going to move my lazy ass to do so. i think it is a complete waste of time if all my physics teacher does is to sigh about us and tell us to focus and the like. i can just copy down the notes and answers. i cant belive i'm even writing this down. i mean typing. this just reflects on what a lazy person i am. i am an all talk and no action person. but if the thing i want to do really interests me, i will do it with vigour and make a good job out of it too. that is why i have to find a job that i like. namely, the zookeeper.

quit laughing.

i find that job really nice, besides cleaning up animal poo and feeding them, i also get to create a bond with them and sort of make friends. i know i would be able to do so as a vet or something but i want a wider variety of animals. i know that i may have to clean up the toilets or even have to pair up with an animal that i dont even like, for example, cockraoches. but i am prepared and i pretty much like almost all the animals in the zoo. i'll be perfectly happy with snakes, or even the wolves.

i think wolves are cool. they have this gothic feel. not that i'm into gothic or anything but i just like the way they walk and the way they seem to have great self confidence about whatever they do. i am absolutely fascinated by them.

i like horses too. i find them very calm animals and they seem to have a motherly feel. dont you think? and you can easily make friends or form a bond with them. i can just stare at them for hours and hours. it also helps that i am a horse in the chinese zodiac.

k, that's enough for today. gotta go now. byebyezzzz

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