Thursday, September 07, 2006

my world, my rules

my mom's wrath reared it's ugly head in my private life again on tuesday night. apparently, and i dont know how, she kow that i have this blog and she knows that it's called amberandlance. she said stuff about me not wanting my face and lotsa other stuff. i was seriously pissed.

to me, a blog reflects who you are inside and what you really want from this world. in other words, this blog is a little corner of the whole wide web that is just for me. and i will choose what goes inside, what goes out and who sees it. obviously, my mom is definitely not going to get a glimpse of it. but she did. she said she did not want to read anything that is inside. if she does, it is fine. i do not talk about unhealthy stuff such as sex do i? if she dares to even read a word of my blog, she will have broken a promise to me, and brought a curse upon herself.

this is true. i know how it sounds like to you and it sounds like i'm dabbling in black magic or something but i'm not. she oncw promised me that if she would never read anything that is private to me such as my diary. and once when i accused her of reading my messages and taking numbers from my handphone, she told me that the only time she did did was when i disappeared from home in the middle of the night. she had to call my friends to find out what happened to me. just to let you know, i was with lance. anyway, she swore that if she ever read anything that contains my priuvate life, lightning would strike her and well, she would die.

sounds really bad. most of you who really respect your parents probably look down on me now. honestly, i dont want anything bad to happen to my parents but if they mess with my private life like they did last year, i dont think i'll give a damn. i have painstakingly and lovingly set up everything in this blog so as to create a little corner just for me and which reflects who i am. if i cant get it, i dont think i'll get anything else.

k, back to happy things. remember the smelly bellies toy which took the whole primary school by the storm in 2002? everyone had one. everyone, that is, except me. i didnt like it anyway, as they werent cute enough. so. recently, i saw this advertisement in tv and it was about this mew toy which is like the smelly bellies, except they were much cuter and you can flip them from egg to chick then chick back to egg. they will smell too. and they look cute. one set back though, it costs $9.95 each. ahahaha...doesnt matter, i can always scrimp and save.

er...nothing much now. i'm just so amazed at the rate time is flying by. it has been almost two months since i had my blog. and i'm going to have to take my prelims soon. and after that, O' LEVELS!!! shit shit shit shit shit! i'm soo screwed...

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