Friday, September 01, 2006

happy teacher's day and happy birthday to my little sis!

this was the post i was supposed to publish on friday but i couldnt as i had to go celebrate my sister's b-day.

31th August we celebrated teacher's day in school. it was really cool and everyone showed that they actually cared for their teacher's. and it was definitely much better than any teacher's day celebration i ever celebrated. my and 10 other girls shared money to buy a very huge and very cute turtle soft toy, a music box, and a box of chocolates for my form teacher. she was really happy and was all *gasp* and stuff. when she saw the trtle, she started cuddling it and hugging it without knowing that it was a turtle. she only found out when she saw the shell which is actually kinda small. so...dont blame her. and she went "*gasp*! it's a turtle!" and i believe she started cooing ar sth. hahax. maybe i imagined it but i can tell she really appreciated it. there was also this video which some guys in class did. it had photos of every single person in the class throughout the events and experiences during the two years we had together.

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after that we went for aces day excercise and watched a movie. actually an actress is supposed to come, but she didnt because of some last minute business. the movie was really nice and really touching. i cried quite a few times and yuqin was laughing at me when he saw but i was too sad to care. this teacher was really noble. she may not have a fantastic pay or exceptionally good pupils. in fact, one of them wanted to drive her out of the school. anyway, she had terminal cancer and she still refused to go for treatment until the end of school asshe wanted to teach her students until the end of the year and didnt want to leave her students in the lurch, esp when a huge exam is coming. so to make the long story short, she died.

so sad... T_T. and i had sausage mcmuffin with coffee. :) the coffee made my stomache feel funny but it's my own fault for asking for coffee. maybe i should stay away from coffee. hmm...

so, i dont really remember wat happened in the few days after teachers day until today. i only know that the holidays are here. and i was lazing the whole day away yesterday. i watched tv, hogged the phone, and did whatever i wanted to do. :) my sisters were at school or the childcare and even though my dad was at home, he didnt bother me. so, it's good.

yesterday my grandma gave me $10 for my b-day and my grandaunt gave me $4 for my b-day. i know it's long gone but they forgot and they wanted to make up for it. actually they wanted to wait for my mom's problems to settle down and then give it to us but my grandma wanted to give me more (cos i'm the biggest) so she gave it to me yesterday. after all i've been through recently, i've learnt to treasure my grandparents more.

cos on sun, my maternal grandma had to have an operation to flush out the blood which is compressing her left brain. she had a fall quite a few weeks ago and apparently, that fall caused internal bleeding in the brain but my parents didnt send her to the doctor as she seemed fine so it went un-noticed until sunday. the compression on the brain caused all the funny things she had been doing. at least everythings fine now. great! :)

i didnt manage to post on monday because i was talking to lance and forgot about the time. so sorry. cos i didnt really talk to him the whole day as he was sleeping so when he called, i just talked to him and forgot about the time. on sunday evening i went to see my grandma. so there you go. i didnt log in for such a long time. lalala...

i'm so bored...i'll try to come on later but i cant promise. ok. bye

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