Friday, September 22, 2006

emotional day

today was kinda emotional. my form teacher came back from her 2 weeks long absence. but she came back to scold us. so it's not really a good thing. let me explain from the beginning. that day was wednesday and a couple in class were celebrating their one mth anniversary. the guy, let's call him teddy bear guy(TBG), brought a mr bean bear look-a-like to school to give to his gf. the periods after recess were all free cos twp periods were chinese and since the chinese prelims were almost over for chinese i think the teacher gave us a little break. then we had two free periods of english and then one free period for ACEs. k. everything was normal(at least, for our class) until we got to the second period of english. teachers change for every period they relieve my form teacher. so, on the second english period, this teacher came in and then i'll just put in her name for all to see. mrs jessie tan. k anyway, TBG was already playing with the bear for quite some time already i think the teacher got pissed off when he started using the bear to imitate a machine gun. he held one leg and an arm, pointed the head at whtever he is aiming, and went "putputputputputput" sth like that. i think she snapped and took the bear away without any warning.

k, to me, teachers should have a golden rule and that is "go by threes" you warn three times and THEN you start blowing your top. i do that with my sisters and sometimes, i dont even blow my top until i warn them for 10 times. if you are pissed off with something, try to stop it first. right? dont do anything which would earn you the hate of students. it's just not worth it. TBG just stayed calm cos he was sure as hell she would give it back. but at the end of the lesson, she scolded us about our work attitude, told us that she is relieved that her ex-students are not like us and implied that we are a bunch of lazy, good-for-nothing idiots. great? no. do we care whether her students are good or not? no. does she even know if we have finished the work allocated to us? NO! she went out of the class with the teddy bear gripped under her armpit. and TBG went after her and asked if he could have it back. she said no, he got pissed, and snatch it away. good for him and boo to the teacher.

i hate teachers who act like that. i have no idea why but i just hate them. she had already offended the whole class, and now, she is picking on one particular guy. y? i dont know. she probably hates children. so she complained to the discipline mistress and the DM looked for TBG both yesterday and today. i went to meet the DM personally before. i know how nice she can be and how bad she can be. but i think those meetings werent very nice for TBG cos he seems kinda pissed these days. my form teacher came today and spent a few minutes addressing this matter. she said he had to control his anger and some other stuff. we have to eat humble pie whenever we are scolded by someone of a higher rank. that, i know.

my teacher spent more time taking care of an even bigger problem. let's call this guy washroom guy. (WG) after the teacher snatched away the bear, he asked her if he could go the the toilet. she said no, he tried again. she said no, he asked again. in the end, he sneaked out of the classroom but was caught in the act. she yelled at him. he yelled back, and that was that. went she chased TBG back into the classroom, she told the teacher who was also relieving my teacher abuot both cases. then WG argued and being pissed, said "i dont know what kind of f***ing teachers we have in this school" which is what i was thinking but of course, i swallow it down right? honestly, that is pretty offending to the teacher. and she reported him to the DM too.

other than that, WG also vandalised a bag which belongs to a guy he doesnt even know. he said it was for fun. and he coloured the black parts white using liquid paper and the white parts black using markers. after that he and his friends threw it from 4th floor to 1st floor, brought it up, opened it to check if anthing is damaged and found silver polish which they smeared in the bag. ok. can anyone tell me why on earth would he do that? and that guy is 14! he's 16! i know it's for fun but it abit too far to be called "fun" right? i like colouring my own bag but i dont go around using my markers to colour on other people's bags. he had stolen a handphone in class before and the girl whose handphone was stolen still talks to him. and he still does this kind of things. i didnt have any grudges against him cos i dont really know what he did in the past but know that i know, i am disgusted. really, seriously, disgusted. when he said that the poor boy didnt do anything to him, someone from the front remarked "what an ass". yea. sad case man...sad case...

just this morning, WG punched a guy who was his friend. just because he took WG's drumsticks for a joke. and they are friends. i think most of the guys in class hate him and they dont bother to hide it. but that drumstick guy(DG) took him in and became his friend. so why punch him? if i were friendless in that particular class, i wouldnt punch the only friend i have. well done WG, you have suceeded in rendering yourself friendless in this class. you may have friends outside but from now on, i think you are condemned to a lifetime of lonliness in class. i am so disappointed in you. i thought you were okay, just another regular guy in class who was a victim of rumors. guess i was wrong.

my form teacher didnt really shout at us the whole time, but she shouted for the first few minutes. after that she talked calmly and told us about the times she almost went violent because of her anger and what would the consequences be had she not took it in check. she ended it with "my job is to keep you in school, and keep you safe. if you had been hurt outside when you are supposed to be at school, i would be the one responsible even if i wasnt there. on one hand, i will miss you when you gradute. on the other, i want all of you to pass your prelims and your 'O' levels and graduate. it is a love-hate relationship. so just keep out of trouble and pass your prelims and 'O' levels and...leave..." that was kinda sad. doesnt anyone else think so? or is it me. cos i only see happy faces at being able to leave school at last. and i think everyone was practically quivering at the thought of her shouting at us for one whole hour. but she didnt and everyone was relieved.

yea. so today was really emotional and i hope my teacher isnt too sad about it cos i can see that she really, really, likes this class.

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